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[RE]FOCUS Perfect Match Program ™

If you're thinking about selling your current home, and then buying your next home, you might as well stop wasting your time with both.

You see right now you can sell your home at a premium price, but you're going to pay a premium price and have to deal with multiple offers when trying to find a home to buy and move into.

Frankly, there's not much available, and this record low housing inventory with soaring resale home prices situation is here to stay.

If you've looked around on Zillow, or, you've seen that the best homes are long gone, and the fact is, the best homes never even make it to the open market.

We have a program that we call the “Perfect Match Program”, where we not only find you a Pre-Approved, ready, willing, and able Buyer, but can also find you unlisted, pre-market homes matching exactly what you're looking for in your next, and you can casually look around at those homes.

Be the only one that knows they're for sale, and you don't even need to sell your current property.

You could just look around to see what's available out there now with zero pressure, and without having to "settle", and without having to worry about going through all of the trouble of listing your home.

We offer this service free of charge, however, it is only available to our personal clients.

Essentially the way it works is, you tell me what you're looking for and my marketing team gets to work searching for your perfect home.

We'll pay all of the marketing and advertising costs upfront for your search; you don't pay us anything for this service.

However, there won't be any pictures available. There won't be a link on the internet. There's nothing I can show you that way.

We will physically take you out to a home that matches and checks all the boxes that you've been looking for in the market.

If that's something you're interested in, just fill out the short "Perfect Match" survey below.

I will get back to you directly once you have finished completing the survey, so please confirm that your information above is accurate.

I will get back to you, we’re going to start a conversation and I’ll show you how you’ll get free access to this private program.

I’m not going to pressure you to sell your home, because frankly, you wouldn’t sell your home right now even at 150% market value if it meant you’d be homeless tomorrow.

Let’s just have some fun. Let’s shop around, look at some unlisted properties, and see if we can find the perfect next home for your family.

Please fill out as much information as you can about your property so that we can evaluate which program might best suit your needs.

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